Bumper Riding:

When I was about 6-7 years old, our dad drove a red VW bug. I remember in the winter time he would take us out and do donuts in cul de sacs.... One time, and this was apparently super-common, a few kids ran out into the road, grabbed onto the back bumper, and rode along as if being dragged by a water-ski boat, as long as they possibly cold. My dad would swerve around trying to dump them off, which was all the more fun for the riders. Fun times. Lots of cold-packed snow.

But then, we also played hockey in the streets too.

I saw this painting last week, and was reminded of that all over again.


Anonymous said...

The sad thing is that the damn 'Smart Cars' exposed to the climate of which you are referencing in the bug, couldn't muster enough gumption to pass a wet fart, never mind tow giddy kids. It's pretty bad when the roads having their winter ice ruts (as only Canadian winter roads do) prove insurmountable for the wee little Smarties.
Now, let me get out my Hummer and I will happily drag a few neighbourhood kids around for a while.

That One Guy said...

Interseting, but then again, a lawnmower engine IS only meant for summer use, no?