Not a moment wasted:

I ran out of the house this morning, forgetting to grab my most current editions of Dwell and Men's Journal. I tend to leave them at home for a few days, then bring them to work. There is a reason for this. It's very simple - 90% of the time, I tend to trundle off to the Board Room (and by board room, I mean the porcelain pony) at the office rather than at home, where I have my morning constitutional (and by constitutional, I mean my morning loaf-pinch). It's just the way it goes.

To avoid boredom while I await The Blessed Event, I take some reading material with me, because there are no pictures on the wall.

It's during this alone time that I find some interesting design-related items, some of which I will share with you now:

First up is the renewable floor made from, of all things, Peach pits:

You can find it here. Down side: you have to wait for the factory workers to eat enough peaches for your job, and then to get over the subsequent liquid runnies that will cause. Just kidding, I think.

Number next: did you know you can buy cool design items from The Museum of Modern Art? Check out this river stone bowl:

It costs $155. Here is the description: A complement to the popular stone platter, this generously sized, food-safe serving bowl features hand-picked natural river stones suspended in clear resin, replicating their native underwater appearance. Hand-wash only; not for microwave.

I like that bowl. A lot. I would marry it. I would take it out behind the Junior High and get it pregnant. A little 30 Rock humor for you there. (Is it just me, or is that show HILARIOUS??)

Just sayin.


Anonymous said...

Okay...coming now to a comment near you TMI....

One of the guys Daughter sings with is obsessed with poop. I mean obsessed. He categorizes it, classifies it and thoroughly enjoys describing his findings in graphic detail. Not so long ago, he was appalled/astonished/amazed to find out that in my 40+ years on this planet I have never, never taken a poop in my work environment. Given that one spends a significant amount of time at one's job this might strike you as odd as well. But it is the Gods honest truth. This lad will thus be pleased to find the opposition to my situation; someone who saves their doo doos for the office. Thank you again for the enlightening post.

PS. I want the platter, you can have the bowl.

Sarah Bellum said...

Dude, your voicemail is full. WTF? Email me.