A twist of fate:

Last week we heard that Dirty Dancer Patrick Swayze had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Then only yesterday, we hear that Jeff Healey has also died of cancer at age 41.

I don't have a good giveaway, but I'll give a big sloppy kiss to the first commenter who links these two events properly, without looking either up on Teh Wiki...

(the image here is probably a clue...)

ready, set, GO!


for what it's worth said...

Ben Gazzara could tell you....but then he'd have to have you roughed up. Have you seen it? Oh wait, it's likely on the shelf with the plethora of other classic flicks.

No sloppy kiss please, I'll save that for someone else who wasn't as obsessed with Mr. Healey as our household is/was. His jazz is out of this world...only slightly above his blues.

We have lost a good musician and a better inspiration.

OneHungMan said...

Road House?

"Yeah, and I thought you'd be bigger."

That One Guy said...

Yes, Healey actually had a cameo in Dirty Dancing, playing in the road club.

Interestingly, he was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer similar to Lakers player Derek Fisher's daughter, when he was one. It made him blind. He picked up a guitar when he was young, and started playing it on his lap, with his fingers on top of the fret board. He though that was how it was supposed to be played. Obviously, he fairly mastered the instrument. His brand of southern blues is pretty great stuff, along the lines of Stevie Ray Vaughn...