The little thing called a DIET

Since the end of August, ThatOneWife and I have been on a diet. We were both cranky with how things had gone in that department for a while, and over time, we had probably said we were going to do something about it, oh, 10 or 20 times, but we finally jumped on it, and got under way.

For me, it started about two years ago when mortgage rates were incredibly low, lenders were only requiring a general pulse from prospective borrowers of mortgage money, and we had a couple of big contracts with big builders to work on their "troubled" files. We were a 2-man shop with one processor, closing, at the peak, about 20 loans per month. This went on for some time, and while it was going on, we were working very long hours, and we brought lunch into the office almost every day, so we wouldn't need to leave to get something to eat. Believe me, when the Pizza Hut guy answers the phone and knows you by name, asks you if you want "the regular", it's not a good thing.

I gained about 20 pounds during that little stint. And up til August, I still owned every pound of it. Not that I was a total "slim-jim" at that point, but I could see my feet for sure.

So, we got serious, and as of this morning, I have dropped 20.5 pounds. It's nice to be wearing clothes that have been tucked into the back of the closet for a long time, and even those are starting to fit loosely. Things were starting to get out of control, and frankly we have plans for later years in the future, and being fat, diabetic, unhealthy, and unable to walk around the block is not a part of that plan. There are still about 15-20 more to go for me before I get to where I REALLY would like to be - which would put me back to the weight I was decades ago, at about 205. I don't know if I will actually get that far, because at some point, I will start doing more at the gym again than straight cardio to loose weight. Once upon a time I had pretty thick arms and shoulders with a fairly slim waist. I will probably seek some of that back again at some point. But not yet.

The diet is not the only thing we have done to help with the weight loss - we golfed a lot this year, choosing to walk when we could, which was helpful, and we have also gotten back to going to the gym on a regular basis. For me, three times a week as about what I can handle. But hopefully over the winter I can raise that to four or more times.

My downfall is bread. I love bread. Almost any kind of bread. And you can take away the "almost" in that sentence if it's WARM bread. Bread Bread Bread. I love bread. Did I say that already? But I'm learning how and when to splurge and still be able to keep control of the situation.

Now I have just one or two other nasty habits to break.

Like telling people to their face how stupid they are.

And blinking.


OneHungMan said...

Talked with a personal trainer at the gym last year (OHM visited the gym before golf season started). He said 3 visits to the gym per week was plenty. If you work out properly, you can cover every major muscle group in one hour a night, three nights a week.

At least that's his theory. Worked pretty well for OHM.

Jesse Harris said...

I can personally recommend the "go to Italy on vacation and walk everywhere" diet. Not only do you get to eat a lot of great food, but you still lose weight while eating three gelatos a day.

Laughing through my chardonnay said...

My dad, although a few years older than you, just ran his first marathon. Before my parents' 25th anniversary party (which was 10 years ago) he dropped 35 lbs and was slimmer than he was in high school. It is all about determination and you guys sound pretty determined. Good luck on the last 15-20!

BottleBlonde said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, Guy! It takes a shitload of perseverance to pull it off, and I commend you and the wifey for bustin' your tits to shed the excess.