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When I was away for a few days, I wasn't checking email or news feeds. I had my computer with me, but I was more interested in eating, golf, hot-tubbing, and partaking of the adult beverages, not necessarily in that order.

So when I got back to work, I had this DELUGE of news feeds to get through - it took me two days to scan everything. I have several categories of stuff downloaded to me - Business, Design, Blogs, Architecture, News, Finance, etc. Usually, it's the eye-candy design stuff that catches my eye, and I have this sensory overload thing where there is so much that is cool that I just glaze over for a while....

For instance, we note this week that the US record high price for a residential property now belongs ot a property in Colorado. A hedge fund manager bought a residence/ranch there for 175 Million Bucks from the Forbes family. The previous record was held by a home in the Hamptons selling for 103 Million. tough credit markets for lenders? Apparently not for the uber-wealthy residents of Richistan.

Then there is this lamp - lamps are so cool for me - an opportunity for great design in such a small package, all they have to do to qualify is actually function. Most of the time, they accomplish this in spades.

Moving on to other really great clean design, there is this yard bench. Dang good lookin'.

Then we move along to some wonderful architectural design work. Well designed interior space actually maximizes square footage, making true the adage "less is more"...

I get a ton of this sort of thing in my feed box every day, and I often want to post tons of it all the time, but then I know most of you loyals would bail on me, making this space kind of boring... but here's a small sampling:

And after that, check out this lovely townhome - small, and practical...

And now for something completely different: I was once a missionary in my homeland country of Denmark. On one of my first days in Copenhagen, in the main train station, right there on the floor, my eyes were treated with a couple "rubbin' the nubbin".... right there in the open for anyone to see. Why do I bring this up now, about 25 years later? I was reminded of the whole thing, by seeing this story sitting in the feed box.

And that, as they say, is that.

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OneHungMan said...

Looks like homes in your neck of the woods are doing pretty well. Forbes said prices have jumped over 20% there since last year.