Back at it: I'm Grumpy and Scroogy

There, I said it - I'm a scrooge. Nothing puts me in LESS of a holiday spirit than witnessing the frantic 4 AM shopping spree the day after Thanksgiving. Not to mention the endless ads touting the door-crasher deals offered to the intrepid.

I think I did a post on "Buy Nothing Day" last year - I still stand by that post.

Anyway, in my absence here, we did get away for a non-traditional Thanksgiving in southern Utah. We had a nice time, played some golf at Coral Canyon (WOW!), and generally enjoyed some hot tub time, adult beverages, and some "less-cold" time.

Happening in the "news" since I kept watch here, we find that Kanye West's mother died from complications of some bad cosmetic surgery performed at a strip mall. Proving that money doesn't buy class.

And also in that category, the Utah Jazz picked up a backup point guard in the off-season, replacing the absent Derek Fisher. It was reported in the Salt Lake Tribune in the last couple of weeks that Jason Hart got his Giant Escalade smacked in an accident. When the insurance company provided a replacement vehicle, he not-so-politely "informed" the agent that his children were not going to be seen in anything less than a black Escalade, and she better hurry up and find a suitable replacement vehicle - ie - another damn Escalade, thanks.

So money buys neither class nor brains. Mr. Hart, this doesn't endear you to your new city. We think you're a moron who is more part of the problem than the solution. That said though, the Jazz are off to a nice start, and Deron Williams is proving himself to be a franchise player. Not a franchise player like Kobe-Bryant-franchise-player, but a real team player kind of guy. Last night against the Knicks, they had 13 field goals and 11 assists in the first quarter.

Anyway, this also appears to the first post written from my new MacBookPro. Love this machine. I've been a Mac guy since college in 1988 or so and I can count on one hand the number of years I haven't owned one, but I haven't owned a portable unit before, and I can't imagine now why the hell not.

So, I'm back at the blog, fear not. But no pictures this time - gotta save that for next time when I actually HAVE SOMETHING OF VALUE TO SAY.

Until tomorrow, then......


OneHungMan said...

Mrs. Hung is a big Mac fan.

Dillhole said...

dood, need software? got ya covered.