Got Blog?

It seems I collect half-written posts in my little queue over here. Not wanting to overload you sensitive readers with too much over the top design crap, I tend to keep that stuff and then surprise you with too much all at once.

So what is it about Twitter that has everyone all um... A-Twitter?

I don't really get that. Send a cryptic text message from your cell phone to your twitter account and have it automatically posted to whatever public space you use, like MySpace, facebook, Blogger, etc. Because we all want to know the stupid and inane details of your life sent to us via text message.

Jst stped in dog poop. Stinky. LOL.

Um... who cares?

But then I was thinking about it over the weekend... all through the day, I have these little ideas that could be expanded to a nice little blog post - one that actually DOES something, like tell a little bit about me, or express an opinion, or talk about something I thought was particularly funny, but every time I open this little application, I GOT NOTHIN.

So maybe I should Twitter myself, and then I would have a pretty instant set of reminders for good posts, and you wouldn't have to read this crap all the time.

I twittered myself in the shower this morning. LOL.

So, in an attempt to get some good stuff up here, I'll go back to the archives of half baked posts and get a couple up and ready to go. The next couple of those will be that.

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Jesse Harris said...

Twitter is blogging for the ADHD crowd. Total ferrets.