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Okay, so it's been a few days since I wrote here...

The markets have been a bloodbath lately, and while it's not something that effects me directly and immediately, it's not nice to see. The FED this morning took an emergency .75% rate cut to their benchmark interest rates - this will probably spur a refinance boom for a while, as people try to get out of bad loans. One problem though, is that their houses MAY not appraise for what they need to in order for that to be successful. And another thing, loans are pretty hard to come by, no matter the rate, unless you exhibit pretty bullet-proof credit. Which isn't everybody, by any means. So there are other remedies that need to take shape here, if a true crisis is to be averted. And that's all the doom and gloom I'm going to foment here.

On another note, I get many comments to my posts sent to me by the commenter right through email, as opposed to posted as actual comments to posts.

One of those commenters, named Brian (premission granted), noted my post about lunching with our illustrious Senator Bob Bennett. That post is here.

He comments: I saw your blog and noticed you had lunch with Bob Bennett. I am curious how much you know about him and what he is up to politically. Have you heard of the Merkel Initiative, the Streit Council, the Transatlantic Common Market, or the Transatlantic Policy network?


Anyway, I have been aware of some of the shenanigans of Brother Bob, and I wrote the following back to Brian The Commenter:

Merkel Initiative: - Essentially, the drive toward one worldwide
financial currency?

Streit Council: The alignment of european and US economies?

Transatlantic Common Market: The movement of those two economies into one market by 2015.

While I am not a "tin-foil hat" wearing kind of individual, my general impression of Bennett is that I wouldn't trust him with a dollar bill of mine. He's part of a national establishment of do-what-you-want republican politics, and locally, one of those who find no fault in
the mingling of outside interests into the political landscape for his own benefit, and to further the causes of those who have poured vast amounts of money into his pockets. One world economy/currency/market is a bad deal for the US. No matter HOW it's sliced. Or who thinks it's great. When has government economic direction (meddling) ever worked out to benefit a truly free market society?

"Harmonizing agency rules and regulations" Gimme a break, dude.

So there's that. On another post (found here), I talked about the movie Fracture, and in particular, the architectural design of the house around which the movie takes place. I noted that there isn;t much information available on this lovely home, but I did find out a couple fo small tidbits of information. You'll have to look back at that post to see what that was...

Then I got an email recently from a person who shed a little more light on the situation.

He gave the address of the place - apparently in Encino, CA... which was pretty much where it was determined to be. However, after putting 2 and 2 together, you can see it on Google Earth.

If you don't have Google Earth, you should - it's a bunch of fun to explore places you've heard about, read about, but have never seen. Wanna see the Taj Mahal? Yeah, I thought so. And if you want to see that house from the movie Fracture, put these coordinates in: 34° 9'2.78"N, 118°29'18.89"W. And have fun. I'd still like to know who the architect was though.

And one other thing. I wise person sonce said to me, in the beginning of my blogging life, that I should throw in a picture with every post, just to make it fun and entertaining, from a visual perspective. So here's one for you - you deserve it, if you've read this far today:

I usually stop the TIVO to watch the Apple vs. Mac ads on tv (produced by Apple). They usually make me laugh. This one is probably one of the most clever examples of online advertising I've seen in a long time. This is a headline bar-style ad, in concert with a "skyscraper" ad on the side. It's making fun of Vista - the guys lights aren't all working.... anyway, the best part: the ad appeared on C|Net, on a page for Windows Vista.


And coming later this week: On My Hard Drive-Herbie Hancock, with a sidebar for Naturally 7, and a comparison between Ruth's Chris, Flemings, and Spencer's here in Salt Lake, along with a rave about Solitude Ski area.

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