See: Ski Day, end of.

Taken at the end of the day yesterday, on our way down the mountain. Crappy phone camera didn't do much of a job capturing the low angle sun colors, etc.

I guess you had to be there. But it was a nice day, and everybody had fun - generally speaking.

One or two were wondering about the randomly meandering brain wave that led me to post about the Hinano incident. And here it is:

I wrote in a post a week or so ago about taking kids up to go boarding in the evening. I noted that my skis were not yet ready for me, so I was relegated to being the chauffeur. To cut the boredom at one point, I decided to go down to the little store and buy a drink to kill the time.

On the way, you pass by one of the swimming areas. These areas - I believe there are 2 outdoors at Snowbird - are ringed in glass all around them, to allow only guests to access the area. Note that I said it was glass. As I walked by, I couldn't help but notice, among the swimmers there - keeping in mind that the thermostat thingie in my car said it was 11 degrees outside, where the pool area is - about four young lasses clad in about 9 square inches of swimming suit between them. And before you call me some perverted dirty old man, THEY WERE PARADING AROUND just asking for people to look at them. So I did a little bit. It was kind of surreal, actually, all foggy from the cold air meeting the warm water, etc. It's not like I had pressed my face up to the glass, wiping the fog away with my nose or anything. Seriously, I didn't.

Which brought my mind to warmer climbs, and visions of closer encounters with surgically-enhanced females. Otherwise known as The Hinano Incident.

This particular pool at Snowbird, ironically, is where a particular pair of 15 month old twins learned to do somersaults into the water on a warm summer evening about 16 years ago.

Okay, that's kind of eery. What a freakin' long time ago. I was chauffeuring one of those twins, now 17, that evening last week.

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