Go Huckleberry!!

As much as I would NEVER vote for The Liar Romney, a Huckabee as president REALLY is scary. Not so much the man, but how he has galvanized the neo-con uber-evangelists in his behalf. A few days ago, the Salt Lake Tribune reported some of the content of Huckabee bloggers' posts. And it's friggin scary. These religious zealots are no better than the religious extremists we seem destined to combat on other continents. They're no different, these dominionists.

I can only hope that even if he DOES somehow magically win the party nomination, the rest of the country, when it comes down to it, won't vote for him. Which is why a huckabee nomination is good for democrats - I HOPE.

Which is why I would be inclined to say, in a very measured tone, Go Huckleberry!

Jeez, that gives me the willies just thinking about it.

And another thing: would somebody PLEASE explain to me why a certain state, like New Hampshire, or Iowa this year, should be allowed to suppose to think and act for the rest of hte country in shaping the nominations for the rest of us??? I just don't get that - the folks in New Hampshire have been very proud, even tying their identity to the fact that have been the first to choose the nomimee each time, essentially speaking for the rest of the nation in choosing who that nominee should be. I can't think of another state that is LESS representative of the nation as a whole.

Why not a national primary day? Lord knows the candidates have the money to spend. Holey shirt.

Just sayin.


Dijea said...

Don't you mean Suck-a-Bee?

Reach Upward said...

Even the GOP admits that if it comes down to Obama and Huckabee, Obama wins big time.