A Random Offender

Ever have this happen to you???

Every once in a while, I get a nose hair, way up there, that seems to turn sideways, and poke, itch, bug, bother, and generally annoy me for an entire day, until I can get home and get the 2.5 HP gas-powered weedwacker out to put the little bugger out of my misery. My nose hairs are of the coarse variety, like brambles on a thorny bush.

No matter how many knuckles I jam up there, no matter how impolite I am about it, it just doesn't help. Perhaps I am going through my "Second Puberty". I chuckle at that site every time I think about it.

I guess only MOST of the hairs I own are coarse. Some are soft and fuzzy, like little frail old men, holding on in the twilight of their years. Remember my Ear Hair story?? I still get comments from that post. Crack me up.

Which reminds me (oddly), I have been reminded of a writing thing once asked of Hemmingway: what's the best six-word story you can come up with? His was "For Sale: baby shoes. Never used."

That's pretty damn impressive, actually. So here's one for you - what's YOUR best six-word story - in three minutes or less?

One or two off the total top of my (thinning) head:

Do over - I'd be an architect.


Found: what I was looking for.

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