Some Friday randomness: Ever had one of those days?

Have you ever had one of these days:

When you get dressed, you know your stuff doesn't match, and YOU JUST DON'T CARE??

This morning I was standing in the closet, looking through the clothes, deciding what to wear, when I just said, screw it, and grabbed whatever there was hanging there in front of me... here is what came out:

Gray T-shirt with a white silhouette of Barack Obama on it, a medium brown pair of pinestripe texture khakis and to top it off, my Chuck Taylors, which, in medium light, look gray, but in the sunlight, look like a drab olive green. And I just didn't care. I believe I saw ThatOneWife look at me out of the corner of her eye, as if to say, "Dude, WTF??"

I'm usually a well dressed individual, which you know if you remember my RANT about people showing up to nice restaurants in crappy jeans and a T-Shirt. I take pride in what I wear - most days, but every once in a while - I just couldn't care less, and I end up wearing something that looks totally stupid. That "I don't care" attitude often wears off by about 10 AM, and I feel like a moron for the rest of the day. We'll see if that happens today, or if my apathy continues on through the entire day. Note to self: Gray/Brown/Dark Olive = NOTAMATCH.

That person up there, by the way, is not me - it's just a random picture of a dude apparently named Robin, that I stole from Teh Innernets.

However, that Brings Me Round Again To Find, I'm Not The Man They Think I Am At Home.... oops, sorry, random Elton John Lyric crept in there...

What it "Brings Me Round Again" to, is ROBIN, or more correctly, ROBYN.

A few weeks ago we had the kids out skiing and while we were standing in the lift line, there was a "slightly" heavy female in line in front of us who was wearing those stretchy ski pants, as opposed to the bulky kind of ski pants. The kids got a kick out of this, and I proceeded to tell them the story of Robyn. Robyn was my secret 10th grade Total Crush. She was all sorts of hot, and was a very accomplished skier who skied on the school ski team. She had long brown hair, and fiery blue-gray eyes and a dark complexion. And she wore THOSE ski pants. Needless to say, I joined the ski team. For one reason and one reason only. So I could drool all over myself on a regular basis, with an excuse this time.

She won every race she entered and I was right there at the bottom, watching her and waiting for her to cross the finish line.

Those, people, were the days.


for what it's worth said...

Please tell me that you still have the summer shirt? That'd be my WTH shirt if I were you (given the grief everyone gave you). As for me, most of my wardrobe is "one of those days"....embrace your inner "I don't care"

That One Guy said...

I do still indeed have that shirt.