I have hair envy

People who know me, know that I have had very short hair for a very long time. When I first moved to the US (on January 26th, 1991) I had long hair. It was down onto my shoulders in what could best be called a Modified Mullet, where the sides were not cut short. It was more of a long all over kind of thing. I also wore an earring.

People I've met since that time are always surprised to learn these two facts. In fact, some people see the little hole mark in my left ear, and ask me, incredulously, if I did in fact wear an earring, or is that some sort of genetic freak of nature, that HOLE right there....

Since that time, the crop of hair has grown thinner, and I keep it pretty neat. I was mentioning the other day to ThatOneWife, that you know your hair is short when you can forget to brush it when you get out of the shower, and it DOESN'T MATTER. Most of my hair now resides on my back.

The available styles for people with very short hair are few, and so we must live our hair fantasies vicariously through others. The obvious objects of this hair envy are media types who we see often on the idiot boxes in our homes. Here is a list of those whose hair I would cut off and make my own, if that thought weren't icky:

In no particular order:

John Travolta

Brad Pitt

Alec Baldwin

Pierce Brosnan



Loralee Choate said...

My first husband had Brad Pitt Legend of the Fall hair and it was hot.

I still think I prefer the short look, though. Not Mitt Romeny "I have Weather Man hair" but I actually like Alec Baldwin's do.


That One Guy said...

Of these, I really envy the Travolta's hair. He's the chameleon of hair styles. I like his long look, but he also rocks the short look too.

I also don't consider Baldwin's hair to be the weatherman hair either, because it usually is rather long, and slicked back - dang, I wish I could do that. It's one thick mane, for sure.

Reach Upward said...

I've got hair, although, it's been slowly receeding in the front for at least two decades. My wife loves it when my hair gets long and thick, but I hate it. To me, it feels good when it's fairly short. I tell my wife I want my hair cut like my friend, who keeps his about 1/4 inch all over (which helps disguise the fact that he's going bald). But she has put the kybosh on that. And since she cuts my hair, she pretty much gets it the way she wants it.

Dijea said...

Ya, but Travolta's hair is purchased.