Risk | Reward:

When you RISK going up the mountain when there is every possibility that the county could close the road behind you, your REWARD is 15 inches of fresh, untracked, ungroomed powder.

Snow Totals
48 Hour: 15
24 Hour: 15
Mid-Mtn. Base: 127
Season Total: 426

When you (as a 13 year old boy) seek the mental REWARD of successfully jamming a wine cork into your dad's nice scotch decanter, you RISK the very real possibility of him trying to break your teeth out with his boot.

I got the cork out, and am now qualified to build a life-size model of the QE-II inside a beer bottle.

Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Well, said 13 year old could have drunk the scotch before placing cork(s) into the decanter....and would have lost his teeth for sure....so all things considered you'd best get building the QEII

OneHungMan said...

Damn, that's impressive.

That One Guy said...

I had to cut that cork into six pieces, longitudinally, with a serrated bread knife to get it out of there!

And much swearing.