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If you are still reading this, you qualify as a loyal reader, and as a loyal reader, I promise I’ll get back to posting here more frequently very soon. I’ve had a shift in job focus - a small one, but one that has required more of my time over the last couple of months, and that is why I have been away. Rest assured though, that if I WAS a reader of your blog, I am STILL a reader of your blog.

When I was younger, I always said, jokingly, that I wanted to be a wooden-fish player (as opposed to a wooden fish player) when I grew up. The other weekend, we took off for a quick getaway, where I was manhandled by a Helga (more on that in a minute), we were listening to Sheryl Crow in the car, and one of the songs came on that had a wooden fish going all the way through it - and we had a bit of a laugh about that. I was born to be Sheryl Crow’s wooden-fish player. Seriously.

So, Helga.

We had booked ourselves into a resort area that promised great restaurant food, superior rooms, a great spa, and GOLF. Perfect, we thought. So we booked some tee times, and some massage time in the spa. Our first tee time revealed the golf course to be a canyon-wind-ravaged horse pasture. So, we canceled the other tee time we had booked with them, and went in search of another opportunity. And we found a great one. Logan River Golf Course is a full service public golf course that features a dude whose sole job is to run around the fairways filling divots with his little sand shaker. The course was in THAT great shape. really. The greens were difficult, and the fairways narrow in the landing areas. There are a few courses around here like this - I call them Target Golf. But really, they just challenge you to actually manage the course, as opposed to simply machine-gunning the ball off the tee, knowing that you will be able to find your ball SOMEWHERE on the course.

Anyway, I digress. Helga.

We showed up for our couples massage, and we were greeted by two females, one who was the typical semi-hot massager-girl we are used to getting at other places, and the other, a large woman with man-hands. We were led to our changing rooms, and were told to "undress to our level of comfort" - and my first thought was "comfort for WHAT, exactly?"... and were told to report to the appropriate room and "assume the position on the table". upon arriving at the room, ThatOneWife turns to me and says, "which one do you want"? This is a question for which there is no correct answer. I chose Helga Man Hands, and was subsequently treated to a mostly deep-tissue massage that over all was pretty darn good. Except for the fact that I could hear her stomach growling and her joints cracking as she handled my, umm... stuff.

However, she either found she wasn’t budgeting her time properly, or she was getting tired, because I got a great massage on my right side, and a faster version of that same massage on the left side.

If you are not a massage type of person, you really don’t know what you are missing. About half-way through, the person asks you to roll over onto your back, and she then works the thighs, arms, face, and neck. Usually, I am somewhat concerned that I may show too much, err.. what’s the word... ATTENTION... when I roll over onto my back. But that never happens, and I had no fear of that happening with Helga. Just sayin.

Speaking of "attention"... we may have provided some sort of advanced education the other night for the 13 year old female who lives at our house. Another story for another day...

Us: "Maybe you shouldn’t open closed doors at night."

Her: "Maybe you should lock your door."

May have a point there.

Anyway, it was really nice to get away and relax, play some golf, get a massage, and hang out with my favorite person in the world. "Attention" isn’t a problem with her.

Incidentally, we’ve played enough golf this year, that Mrs. ThatOneGuy has improved her game significantly, and I rolled a cool 82 the other day as well. Pretty happy with where that’s going. I usually roll in 2 or three nice long puts, and get real close on about 5 or 6 others. I would REALLY like to break that 80 barrier, which I’ve never done. I tend to follow a crappy shot with a "mad" shot, followed by another crappy shot, because I am still in the same trouble I found off the tee. Which makes it a double or triple bogey. Pretty frustrating indeed when you card 9 pars in the same round.

So that’s what I’ve been up to, from a recreational stanpoint. Look for more information soon with regard to the hours spent between 8 - 5. I’ll do that soon.


Anonymous said...

ThatOneBrother has a "Svetlana" who works his muscles into mush. And like you, no need to worry about inappropriate attention. But he comes home and is well gibbled.

Sorry to hear the first golf course was lame. Perhaps in a few weeks, you and TOB might find a course. That's right....we're a go! See you in 12 days! ( just don't go looking for a new U of A website....at least not on the 17th)

OneHungMan said...

OneHung loves reading golf posts. He has never had a massage, as he's not really the 'touching' kind of guy. Anytime OneHung is mostly naked in the company of a female, he expects things and a massage just doesn't quite cut it.