Of beds and things

A while ago, it was determined that our down comforter had reached the end of its usefulness. I'm not sure, but there apparently is a test for this, the nature of which exists solely within the confines of the complicated female mind.

ThatOneWife is a lover of all things luxurious as pertains to the bedwares. (and bed wear too, but that's another story for another day...)

Key words that make her swoon are, Egyptian Cotton, 8 Bajillion-Million Thread Count anything, Made From The Down Of 1000 Baby Geese, etc.

So, a new comforter was sought after. When the winning vender of this comforter was chosen, it was also determined that a "feather bed" topper thingie would also be procured in the process.

The comforter and topper thing arrived in two separate boxes. The topper widget box was about three times heavier than that containing the quilt. Upon perusal it was learned that the feather bed was made from FEATHERS, not DOWN - a feature obvious to her, obscure to me. In other words, WHATEVER.

Both items have been on our bed for a few months now, and for me, only about 80% of jury is back from vacation on this item. While it is delightfully soft and luxurious, it has one flaw. If it's not "fluffed" every night (though not like THIS nightly fluffing..), a ridge develops in the middle, and the result is a feeling of lying in a plush coffin, and every time one moves, one sinks deeper into the bed.

Makes it more difficult to molest one's bedmate. Makes it easier to sleep in on Sunday morning though.


Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

I'm so happy that fluffing link didn't lead to a photo. That sort of thing excites the husband who is reading over my shoulder.

Hello, btw.

Anonymous said...

We are about to find a "fluff" required bedding ocoutremount. (that's french for fancy thing). I need more fluffing in my life.