Gross Picture Warning: Michael Vick is a PIG

Summertime for me represents a sort of "sports doldrums" - I hate baseball, Major League Soccer is a joke, there are no college sports to speak of. There's nothing. I like to watch golf, but after a while, even that becomes tired when it's not spelled off with something else. The Tour de France has been good to watch, but even that has become a bit of a joke - and even if it weren't, it only last for 2 weeks.

But this summer, there has been an entire three ring circus sideshow relating to sports. First we have the entire Barry Bonds Asterisk item, along with the entire "will Bud Selig care enough to show up?" or even how about Hank Aaron? Whatever.

Then, in a most egregious sports development, we have the piece of human garbage that is embodied in Michael Vick and his buddies. If you've been living under a rock, you might be better off just staying there. Vick is the most recent incarnation of Sports Entitlement. He's the excrement produced when Entitlement eats too much Presumed Immunity. This is the person who is physically gifted enough to be put through some years of college, most likely with little effort on his part (solely my speculation), and was scooped up in the NFL draft, and has led the idyllic life that so many other kids would give their left nut for simply the opportunity.

And it now seems that he has squandered his time, his talent, his resources, his trust, everything, by funding a neanderthalian dog-fighting ring. And guess what - if think this is the entirety of this type of thing in professional sports, you're an IDIOT. This is just the tip of the iceberg. See that picture, there? That's what they do. To dogs. Then they drown them, electrocute them, hang them, or any other number of inhuman atrocities.

When the Grand Jury first returned their indictment, Vick vehemently denied involvement and said he would be vindicated by the facts when they came to light. Now he has agreed to plead guilty. I wonder what facts he was referring to. In its very early stages, sports reporters were anxious to talk to anyone in the entourage who might have knowledge. Those people said it happens in almost every NFL city. Certainly more than half. Vick isn't the only one involved. Connected people have said as much under condition of anonymity, fearing the equally repulsive retribution that could follow such an accusation.

Michael Vick should be forced to face off in a ring with no doors with the Really Bad People he will surely meet in prison. Perhaps he'll even underperform there too.

Whatever sentence he gets will certainly be too light. Without a doubt he should be quickly banned for life from the NFL. And the $250,000 fine? Are you kidding me?? How about $25 Million.

It's a bit interesting to me - you see, ThatOneBoyTwin has worked his 17 year old BAG off this summer in the brutal heat, doing two-a-day workouts, everything, since June, just to get a chance to play in the High School games. He's proud of his accomplishments, and so am I. And I'm ashamed of the people we put up in the national spotlight for these kids to look up to.

And that's all I'm going to say about this.

Have a good day.

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OneHungMan said...

Could really have done without that picture, but OneHung understands.

The good news in this whole Mike Vick thing is two-fold. First, it looks like after the feds get done with Vick, the state of VA is going after his as well. They have different animal rights laws than the Man and they are a lot worse...up to five years for each dog/animal dissed.

Secondly, Comm. Goodell seems to be like Judge Landis from baseball in the roaring 20s (i.e. a prick). Two things at play here, first off, Vick pleaded guilty to the feds. That's a big time felony. Second, and perhaps more importantly, he lied to Goodell earlier. Most like a huge no-no.

Hopefully the world won't have to see Vick again, unless it's in an Arena Football League game.