While we're on the subject...

A couple of years ago, when we finished our little fish pond area, we laid a little stone patio and put an archway leading to the area. Obviously, you don't place an archway without planting something to grow on it. So after a little thought, it was decided that a vine of Wisteria would fit the bill nicely.

Wisteria vines grow these great ponderous flowing blooms of violet colored flowers, which smell spectacular.

Upon inspection of the plant, the tag said "Wisteria (Prolific)".

That would be the understatement of the month, right there. It seemed to start growing the moment I began digging its hole, seemingly anticipating the idea that it would soon find itself planted in the cool dirt there. And no sooner had I dropped it in the hole, it picked right up and began to grow.

This first shot is an afternoon shot of the big flowers.

The second shot is an early evening shot. In our yard, this is the best time of the day, and frankly, we are looking forward to the coming weekend's warm temperatures, because we can sit outside later into the eveing after the sun goes down, enjoying our space. That is, providing the white trash neighbors (Mr. and Mrs. White) can keep their n'er-do-wells under control, and the teeny-rap songs under 100 decibels. I yelled through the fence at them a couple of weeks ago. Scared the poo out of them. If it keeps up, I'm going to go get one of those boat horns in an aerosol can. I imagine that will get some attention. For a while, anyway.


Reach Upward said...

Awesome. How long do the blooms last? That beats popcorn popping on the apricot tree.

Dijea said...

What a beautiful sight. Wish that was my backyard.

Anonymous said...

It looks great in its full splendor.