On various topics of no great import:

Would you let your daughter date this kid?

Or maybe you would be okay with your son dating this one?

Those are two of our kids, graduating from high school later this month. That's #4 and #5 for those keeping score at home. And yes, they're twins....

On another note, I believe I have finally fixed my driver and 3 wood off the tee. 95% of golfers try really hard to "help" the ball off the tee by trying to lift it off and send it on its way. This is exactly the problem that short-circuits the golf swing in its main principles. The other day we were playing with a retired couple, he was an architect, now retired and he and his wife were now traveling around playing all the golf courses they could find. He was hitting the ball just fine, but was complaining to me about how I was hitting it nice. He then stood up and hit a nice one right down the middle pretty far. I remarked that he had no right be complaining at all. He turned to me and said, "yeah, but I'm swinging all the way from my asshole." We all had a good laugh at that remark. People often tell me that I have one of the smoothest swings they have seen in a very long time.

Sometimes though I get caught trying to "help" the ball too much, and lose my way. And sometimes it's the smallest little things that bring it all back to where it should be. The other day I was watching the golf coverage on TV, and they analyzed a swing and noted how he (I can't even remember who it was) was hitting down to the ball, taking a divot with even his 3 wood. The commentators noted how this is the biggest mistake most golfers make: trying to do too much for the ball in a split second of time. Just drop the club on it and let the club do the rest.

An act of faith for sure. 95% of golfers make that mistake, and it shows in funky swings where you are watching and wonder if you should be calling a paramedic to take care of the dislocated shoulders from swinging so damn hard. For me, the smoother and more controlled I swing, the farther the ball goes. 1% of golfers who get that concept are making money doing it. I sadly, am not. But at least I'm having fun doing it right most of the time.


OneHungMan said...

It was explained to OneHung one time with a request from the guy who's given him his three golf lessons.

He asked for OneHung to show him exactly how it was possible to hit "up" on a ball that was sitting on the ground.

OneHung hasn't intentionally hit "up" on a ball since.

Loralee Choate said...

I have always wanted fraternal twins. I'm identical twin and pretty much hate it, but it would have been a lot easier than being identical.

As for golf, well...You just don't even want to know how awkward I am on the course. It's just embarrassing.

Reach Upward said...

I don't golf. But I used to work with a guy that actually qualified for the PGA. He often said much the same as you have said about having a smooth swing.

for what it's worth said...

I dont know about those two...I suppose they can date. Now, what are we going to do about #2 and his return home to the "smitten one"???!!

Becky..AMHW said...

My kids are not allowed to date your kids. They aren't old enough.