Pimp My Ride

People put their life stories on the back of their cars. Often, you can tell a person's sexual orientation, how smart their kids are, what their political preferences are, if they have a sense of humor, if they're a redneck, or white trash.

To whit - I give you:

Sorry it's dark, I snapped this outside my office a few minutes ago. I wrote last September about what a great location we have here for an office. All manner of folk hang out around here. And with a VA Vet center located here also, well, that's a lottery win in the Redneck Sweepstakes, every single day.

If you can't tell, that's an antler from what appears to either be a Jackalope, or a BABY DEER. (Yes, I know, baby deers don't grow no horns...) It's not a ginger root, placed there by some oriental cooking enthusiast.

Good Sir, is this the high-point of your life? What means this? This is road-kill, maybe?

What you can't see, is that the tender antler is tied to the grill with a black shoe lace. If that's not classy, well, I give up.

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