This was the fortune inside my cookie last Wednesday. ThatOneWife and I were out to do a mini-celebration because I had just received news, that day, on the funding for a business project I have been pursuing for about 9 months. I have a fondness for SamPan's sesame chicken, and we decided to go out to get some.

This is a big thing, and I'll let the cat out of the bag here shortly on it, but suffice it to say, it's something we have been waiting for for a while now.


Juniper said...

I LOVE Sampan...which location do you frequent? Also, good luck on that fateful business venture...apparently the stars are on your side.

That One Guy said...

When ThatOneWife and I both leave work at relatively the same time, we end up at the Jordan Landing location at roughly the same time. There's also a waiter there with whom my daughter is in love... :). We took her there on her last birthday, and she fell in love with the dude (a japanese feller that is all smiles - I think his name is jonny, or jimmy, or something like that...), and I totally embarrassed her by writing on the credit card ticket that she was in love with him - she made is leave in a bit of a hurry.

Thanks for the Karmic thoughts in my direction!!

for what it's worth said...

We shall expect a phonecall soon?!?!?!
And does this mean we want Prime Rib or Hamburgers???

sarahbellum said...

After reading this I asked my handy magic eight ball if you would succeed: All sights point to YES!