Swift Meats employs Swift Illegals

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Actually, it's not Swift's fault. They did everything they were supposed to do. They collected all the required documentation, they just didn't know that all the documentation was falsified.

It was interesting watching the news last night. The cameras were pretty keen to capture the one Mexican dude saying, "All we're trying to do is work. Have a little conscience in your soul."

A little conscience in your soul? Whose soul? My soul? Indeed, I have a conscience, and it is offended by people who steal other people's identities in order to earn pay from employment that is gained illegally.

It always amazes me how these people just don't understand that when you break the laws, you forfeit any rights you might otherwise have had. Being here illegally in the first place doesn't get you a whole lot of rights either, although more rights than SHOULD be guaranteed, in my view.

Imagine if you were one of the unfortunate people whose identities had been stolen to facilitate these illegals' getting employment. Say you work for a computer company making $60,000 per year. That's not a truck-load of money, but it's enough to get you by. You have to plan well, and be organized. Part of that organization is knowing what your tax burden is at the end of the year. You have to plan your W-9 deductions properly.

Then imagine when you get your W-2 in the mail at the end of the year. Great, look at that, I made $60,000 last year. Swell. Then, the next week you get a W-2 from some place like Swift Meats for another $30,000. Holy shit. WTF!!! I made $90,000 last year? But I only planned for $60,000. How am I going to pay the taxes on $90,000??? I'm ruined. Better go tell the wife.

You don't think that's how it goes? Think again. I've SEEN it.

People who steal other people's identities, including Social Security Numbers, SHOULD get a "Go directly to jail" card. They're getting off easy by being bussed back to the border and squirted back over the line. They should be in prison for 10 years, THEN dropped off at the border, and told that if they show up again, they'll be in the House for 20 years next time.

So, all you Mexicans wondering where the consciences are, look at yourselves first. Where is YOUR conscience? Why don't you immigrate to this country properly? Yes, the system is stupid right now. Because you have it overloaded with people AND raw emotions. Let us fix it. GO HOME until it is fixed. Take Tony Yapias with you, by the way. Then we're fine with having you here, as long as you integrate yourself to life here, and play by the rules.

Have a nice day.

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Reach Upward said...

You mean to say that people in our society should actually bear responsibility for their own actions? Why, that would be ... discrimination, don't you know! At least that's what they said on the news last night.