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Couple of funny, related items in the news in the last week... First we have Congressman Cannon, who claimed to have read the Baker-Hamilton report last week, and when asked what he got out of it, replied that it showed to him that not only is the Bush strategy the correct way to go in Iraq, but it showed that "Bush is also pretty smart".

Umm, yeah. Apparently, some wise-ass staffer changed out his copy of the report with the most recent edition of the Adventures of Archie, Jughead and Veronica.

Then the Deseret News announced that the new Managing Editor shall be.... Brother Joe. This is the same dude who is the former head of the State Repub Party, and whose lobbying tactics and general political activities are part of the reason that Congressman Cannon hit the list of the most corrupt politicians in Washington right now. Oh, and between the two of them, also put Geneva Steel into bankruptcy. His appointment as Editor was lauded by Board chairman.... Ellis Ivory. Yes, THAT Ivory.

Lest you think that the Utah Good Old Boys Club ends at either the state Capitol building, or even 50 East North Temple.

Just sayin.

It's this kind of blind provincialism that can easily make one feel like legislated, legalized regular adulthood is going to be a long time coming in this state. About two weeks I go I sent an email to one of my state legislators, complaining that responsible adults shouldn't have to go through the state to get wine. Where other states allow shipping of wine directly from a winery to consumers, Utah does not allow this in any form. The legislator sent me a response back and said that he agreed with me, and said that indeed adulthood should be legalized in Utah (his words), but changing that paradigm would be tantamount to parting the Red Sea. (ie: Good effing Luck.)

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Reach Upward said...

Let's see. Editing a newspaper, engaging in and promoting political corruption, running a manufacturing firm into the ground. Gee, it takes a lot of talent to pull all of that off in one lifetime.