Some people should have to QUALIFY to purchase photoshop

3 things:

1. Shadow
2. Reflection
3 Hunderd?



Anonymous said...

ThatOneNiece had a lovely choir shot done in Banff for the Rocky Mountain Music Festival. Because it was crappy weather (2 years in a row now) they photoshopped the background in. All of the kids whose are standing on the outside, look like they are from an episode of Touched by an Angel. And for this, the kids pay $22 a picture.

OneHungMan said...

At least the routing number on the check had the required number of digits.

That One Guy said...

figures you would check that out... did you look up which bank it belongs to? I does have the required 0, 1, 2, or 3 beginning number too.

OneHungMan said...

No, didn't look for the bank...figured if they couldn't spell it probably didn't have the proper digits.

Dijea said...

Geez, I hope that wasn't for an add. Maybe they just need a proofreader.