Following Suit: I wanna be Dooce too.

Since some of the people I read think they should pattern their sites after those at the blurbodoocery, here is my contribution.While this isn’t The Former Congressman, Chuck, and while it’s not spaghetti, it IS Cinder and it IS a chopstick.

Represent, yo.

Taken by a twitty 14 year old girl, laughing hysterically. I therefore didn’t feel the need to process them with every single photoshop filter known to man. they were pre-processed for me.

And here is the obligatory pond pic. In last year’s pond post I reported that we had no piscine fatalities over the winter. Not so lucky this time around though. When we uncovered the pond, there was a floater, who had given up his life for the common good. He volunteered to stop using the small portions of oxygen in favor of saving the others.

This is what ponds do while we’re away at work - they make flowers.


sarahbellum said...

I can't stop laughing... you know why.

That One Guy said...

of all people, I thought you'd appreciate that.


ThatOneWife said...

Ponds also tend to grow algae while one is at work.

sarahbellum said...

Yup! Hi, thatonewife!

OneHungMan said...

Not surprisingly, neither of OneHung's dogs are even remotely interested in trying what that black puppy was doing.

Diana Joy said...

good one:)
just had to comment this time:)
Diana Joy