Best text message EVER:

If you get tired of being awesome, Cheers is on in five minutes. Just a heads up from the retirement home.

old boobs

Mark Messier goes into the Hockey Hall of Fame, first vote. Obviously.

Crazy tattoo white supremacist dude claims he "didn’t mean to shoot the cop." Right. Perhaps the best press quote of the week.

Immigrant Amnesty Bill fails to pass. Duh.

Utah Jazz draft "shooter". Again.

Michelle Wie scores in the 80’s. Again.

Paris Hilton: an "also ran" in Teh Human Race.

Went to see the Preservation Hall Jazz Band the other night at the Utah Arts Festival. They were good, though not overwhelmingly so.

Went to the rare regional production of Les Mis at Pioneer Theater Company two days ago. I was generally entertained, but underwhelmed with the vocal work, and overall musical direction. Flat like an 11 year old boy. Apparently, when you can’t sing everything in your role, it’s okay to talk-sing the stuff you can’t do. That's why it's rare.

That is all. For now. BRB.

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