Got a spare $2.7 million? FLW's Fawcett House for sale

Completed in 1961, the Fawcett House, by Frank Lloyd Wright is for sale. Located on 80 acres in Merced county, California, the price seems inviting. Also interesting is the choice to put it on the market right now. I've noted in the recent past that there are only three reasons for selling an asset right now: Death, Divorce, or Debt.

But then again, buyers in this space are likely a little less influenced by market gyrations... but that's just my theory.

At any rate, the realtor has done a nice job of showcasing the home, with MANY photos, etc. You can see the entire thing here.

The design is not of the Fallingwater type, but more of what Wright became well known for in his homes in the Ohio period of his career. In addition to being one of the seminal modernists, he was also heavily influenced by oriental designs that repeat over space, and an overall oriental aesthetic concept of space and how we interact with it.

And that is one of the reasons I love Wright's work, along with so many other architects if his time: he took great pains to design homes for and around the client, how they live, how they interact with the space in which they live, WHAT THEY WANT... all of these concepts are basically afterthoughts in today's residential architecture, a result of home builders who went away from building HOMES, and instead build SUBDIVISIONS, and our subsequent acceptance of this as being okay.

I feel a rant starting, so I'll stop.

But you should go take a look at that house. It's beautiful.


Just Me said...

I absolutely LOVE how it's not just all square. The misture of square, triangles, and other random angles makes such a huge impact. Gorgeous. And I just so happen to have $2.7 million available to me right now, since I delared myself a finincial institution that is in dire need of help from the bail-out.....

That One Guy said...

Sheesh! Why didn't *I* think of that!? Well done. I MUST have an invitation to your housewarming.