Invasion of Privacy (yours)

Hi. I consider it no coincidence that I have played better golf since buying these. My most recent handicap revision shows me (temporarily, I'm sure) at a 9.9 handicap. Officially a single-digit handicap. Down from 13.4 earlier this year. The evidence is clear. Actually, it's black with lime-green printing on the waistband.

I'm just sayin.

It's been a busy few weeks... my oldest kid has arrived home safe and well from two years in Fiji, and we jumped on perhaps one of very few remaining chances to get everyone in the same place and in the frame of mind to have their picture taken. Worked out pretty well, I think. Reiterating the simple fact that I have no eyebrows. A cruel injustice indeed.

Actually, if you read here often you know that from time to time I will post a "self-portrait" of us at some event or concert or whatever. I'm sure there will be another to add to the collection this week, as we are going to the Al Green concert at Red Butte tomorrow. Very looking forward to that.

And if you would like a little bit of a different perspective on our self-portraits, or if you would simply like to have a laugh at our expense, check this out. Man, I am a total gomer. The painting is sitting in our living room over the mantle, waiting for a suitable frame and a permanent place to hang. Kurt over there is the MAN. Interestingly, I knew him when he was a wee tot, and every year at Thanksgiving, his family would pile into the car and go to the newest Disney animated movie, opening that day. He had an eye for art at a young age, and I have to beleive it is something that brings him a great deal of satisfaction. And, it's a handy tool of torment and ridicule against his family and acquaintances.


Sarah Bellum said...

What a great photo! I'm glad he made it home safe. Now please acclimate him to some sort of normal behavior soon.

Reach Upward said...

How do you rate getting your own personalized art? I'm envious.

OneHungMan said...

Nice drawers. OneHung started playing the same kind of britches last year because he got tired of having swamp crotch by the second hole. He's got a nice Nike pair that are wonderful, and two pairs of cheaper ones from Wally World.

If you're looking for more, buy expensive, because while the ones from Wally World prevent swamp crotch, they don't treat the boys with the proper respect, if you get OHM's drift.

That One Guy said...

Sarah: Thanks for the comment - it's odd, really - the going away part was hard on me, but the coming home part is hard on him. It's harder for him to get back to normal than I thought it would be. I don't remember being weird when I came home those many years ago, but maybe I was. Maybe I still am - after all, I publish my underwear on the internet - so that probably says something.

Reach: It was a nice favor, something fun to have. We all get a laugh out of it around here.

Hung: I know exactly what you're saying - Hank and the twins need proper snuggling for sure.

Anonymous said...

The picture is great. If you stop by facebook, we have the new family portraits up there...let me know which ones you want...there are more that are not posted. I will send them down...
Oh and PS...I have adopted your daughter. She needs a good influence....hee hee hee hee.

PS. Your Captcha(sp?) looks like the name of one of my new students from Korea...Omarcxju. Not exactly, but the letter combinations are as odd. He calls himself Jim. And, ready for this, we have another lad who comes from China..his English name....Frodo. I can't make this shit up!
Almost as good as a student my boss had in the international school named....Walmart. No flippin kidding. Gawd, and we thought Markita was weird!

Ellie said...

Hank and the twins? Really?

That One Guy said...

Ellie: Twig 'n' berries??

Taya Jensen said...

you could always pencil in those eyebrows pops.

or just bust out the sharpy and barrow a stencil from a mexican chick.. draw those bad boys on.

word to the wise.