The wee Wii injury

A few weeks ago we had my brother and his family at our house for a few days. On one of those days, he needed to run an errand over the local electronics mega-store. I didn't go because I probably would rather have sharpened the tines of a fork, and eaten them all. I like shopping that much.

So it served me right.

ThatOneWife arrived home with "a little extra"... I got that bilious feeling in my throat again.

When what to my wondering awe - out pops a Nintendo Wii.

Um, yay. I must have made "that face", because she looked at my brother with that "see, I told you he would brutally murder us all in our sleep if I bought that.." look.

So, yeah - I hate that crap - pretty much the whole bunch of it, and we've about had them all, from the nintendo 64, all the way through the GameCube, etc., and about every stop in between. Hate em all. Not because they are inherently BAD, but because we have kids who don't feel bad about sitting in front of one of those things for 19 hours a day, only to go to bed and do it all over again the next day. This can go on for four months straight. I'm told these young bipedal humanoids are not unique in this way.

So I hate.

I was told this was going to be a Christmas gift for these young individuals, and it was whisked away to the dark recesses of, well, wherever Christmas presents go to hibernate til That Day.

BUT, here's the thing. After the relatives had left town and I had been given a change to become acclimatized to this object living within my little castle for a few days, she GOT IT OUT OF ITS WRAPPER. I was told how wonderful it is, how it's not like Those Other Games.

How about a big nice warm cup of WHATEVER?

So anyway, in a play to help me Forgive and Overlook, out it came. It came out on a weekend when we didn't have any kids around, so we can still keep it a secret and let Santa bring it. Not only did brother convince Her to buy the box, but a few games in addition.

So, yeah, this game is different. You've certainly heard about the tennis, and the golf, and the whatever else, more interactive, blah blah blah...

But you know what??

"He liked it, he really liked it, hey Mikey!!"

Anyway, it is pretty derned fun. So much so that this weekend, we bought the new Tiger Woods PGA golf game for it. Both our shoulders and right arms hurt now, thanks to the clever little tennis game, and the golf game.

At this point, the kids will be LUCKY to get that game.



ThatOneWife said...

So much for surprising the kiddies on Christmas... we will be lucky if it stays put away until then.


Anonymous said...

Told you so!!!
It is the only one of the game systems I like. We played it this weekend; golf, bowling and of course a good old racing game.

OneHungMan said...

OneHung is pretty partial to the Sony platforms...he currently has a PS2 and a PS3 in the mancave as he writes this.

He has several generations of the Tiger Woods games, but his favorite games are the Gran Turismo series. Not sure if it's available on WII, but you might want to look for it next year when Gran Turismo 5 comes out.