Some short notes:

1. IKEA opened here yesterday - massive crowds and traffic re-routes. Coming from a city with 2 (count em - 2) Ikeas, it's funny to listen to people who "don't get what all the hubub is about..." We probably have a couple thousand bucks worth of IKEA at our house. They make some great light-wood solid stuff that is really nice. You can kinda see some of it here, if you can look past the slutty dog...

anyway, they have nice solid beech and birch stuff... very nice, if that speaks to your sensibilities.

2. a random picture for you:

Not sure why I put that there, but hey. Whatever.

3. Was the season finale of Lost last night not about the best fiction TV you have watched all season? Just sayin. RIP Charlie. You the man, with your pixie nose and all that. (sorry if that's a spoiler for you - hurry up and get that TIVO recording WATCHED.)

4. A brief email exchange with ThatOneWife 30 minutes ago:

Her: Hi. How's things?
Me: Hi. Swell. I just got back from a road trip to _______ to pick something up. Got a nice DING on my windshield too. On a brighter note, speaking of cracks, I cracked open the fortune cookie I got yesterday, and it said, "Your financial outlook is excellent." I would have taken one that said, "The stars say you will kill your partner at midnight."

Yeah, I'm having partner troubles. I feel increasingly like a kindergarten teacher whose class is well beyond the need for an afternoon nappy time. Dude, the next steps are right there in front of you, if you have the courage. But you're too busy walking around on the sidewalk looking for nickels, when the dollars are driving by, mere feet from your nose. That's all.

And anyone who doesn't think the our little local economy isn't just humming right along, needs to take a drive on the interstate and take note of all the trucks. Sure sign. Just sayin.

5. You like these?


OneHungMan said...

Love the picture of the whore dog. At least the pup isn't shy.

OneHung enjoyed the episode of Lost as well. He thought the last season sucked, but enjoyed this year (mostly because of Juliet).

However, the whole flashback/forward thing confused him at the end. He thought he was watching a flashback, but after seeing Jack and Kate meet at the airport, it must have been the future.

OneHung's brain hurts just thinking about it.

OneHungMan said...

Oh yeah, don't get OneHung started on partner troubles.

If OneHung could find a rich guy who cooked, enjoyed football and wasn't interested in violating OneHung's backside, OneHung might be willing to turn gay.

That One Guy said...

And let me be clear here - I'm talking about business partner troubles. Lest there be any confusion.


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh I love the whore dog picture! I've got me one of those myself!